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A little bit about me, and how TheAlphaEngineers helps students across the world learn CNC from the experts.

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Cameron Reeves


Cameron Reeves

Cameron is a CNC machinist with experience in the motorsport, oil & gas, nuclear and aerospace industries. Machining is where he specializes, but he also has a love for the engineering industry as a whole. He is of British nationality but spent his years as a kid growing up in France, This is where he attained a love for motorcycles and most things propelled by an internal combustion engine. This is where the initial path to Engineering began, often spending his free time tinkering around in the garage, rebuilding 2 stroke moped engines by the age of 14.


Eventually, this led to a desire to want to know and be able to do more, and the time came to move back to the United Kingdom. It was soon time to pick a career. It was an easy choice! Cameron was lucky enough to be accepted into an Apprenticeship in Engineering. He learned core skills as a machinist and worked his way up as most Engineers do, starting off working on manual machines, moving to operate CNC machines, and then eventually on to setting and programming.


By the age of 23, he’d reached a programmer/shift supervisor position, and within the next couple of years, he decided to leave that role to pursue more knowledge within the ever-changing Engineering industry. Well over 10 years later, he still thoroughly enjoys Engineering and continues to better himself and add what he learns to his online courses to provide growing value to students.


As well as offering courses to students, he is still working within the engineering industry as an Applications Engineer. This involves many duties, such as In-person classes, and teaching students to program CNC machines using conversational software. creating and proving conversational and NC / G-code programs for clients, machine demos, and lots more! 


Having his toes still dipped into the vast sea of engineering keeps him current and up-to-date within the industry. He also runs a YouTube channel where he provides free information and knowledge about Engineering, tips, and tricks! including posting videos of his recent personal projects.